Thursday, November 13, 2014

Progress Update...... Thursday 11/13/14

So, I took a stroll around the farm today taking photos of our progress so far. Fair warning it is not much :)

I started with the quietest rooster ever, Old Rusty. I was promptly photo bombed by our current steer. He even stuck his tongue out at me......

When not photo bombing, lounging is his favorite pastime particularly when he is hanging with his peeps... AKA our geese...

On to Walter, Avenger and Wiley. Know anyone who needs a well behaved donkey and a retired racehorse who turns psycho when you try to load her in a trailer?

The bees are hard at work..... bzzzzzzzzz

Big man would like to know what is for breakfast and are we aware that the outside temp is not to his liking.......

On to the new layer flock. After raising a variety of multipurpose birds we have decided that Delawares are our favorites. This flock is this years hatchlings from our own stock. They should start laying anytime. Our two turkeys are hanging out with them. As you can see Bear is on duty tirelessly scanning for trouble or loose rabbits. He never barks at the poultry but when there is a loose rabbit he goes nuts.

The ladies would like to know if we brought treats :)

These are the last of our older girls.  They are destined for freezer camp very soon.

Our remaining ducks are hanging out in the area that is destined to become the main garden.

There is already a fence across the front and east sides. There will be fencing run on the west side just to the inside of the tree on the right side of the picture. Still trying to decide whether to run the bottom cross fence before the greenhouse or include the greenhouse inside the fenced garden area

This is My Precious....... Sorry, had a Hobbit/Lord of the Rings moment there....

Starting to get things cranked up in the greenhouse.  If you are ever in the area I highly recommend a trip to O'Toole's Herb Farm in Madison. It is a little slice or organic heaven to feed your spirit, soul and greenhouse.

This beauty is still cranking out bell peppers in November.

You are looking at 100 strawberry plants awaiting planting. A dear friend sent me a text to say he had extra strawberry plants. I planned to bring a dozen home......

Moving on to the back patio where we are winter gardening in pots and making plans for spring herb
beds and maybe (fingers crossed) a pond.

The strip between the hedge and the concrete is going to become a raised bed the length of the concrete about 3 feet wide and 18 inches deep.

We are playing with ideas for the area in the next two photos.  I would love for it to be herb beds with a pond in the middle. A big question is if we should take out the two crepe myrtles or leave them. We have crepe myrtles all over the property. I am not a huge fan of them but Rick is. We could leave them and make the beds and the pond raised.

This is a straight on view of the area.


Collard Greens

You have to love a big pot of Rosemary...

On the list of things that desperately need repotting....... Do you ever get to the bottom of that list??? Ever?????

Thank you for hanging out with us.  

Peace and carrots...... TTFN

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