The Steers

Though I have raised steers in past lives, thus is our first here at SE. T-bone was acquired at three days old. He is a Guernsey Holstein cross. Some people do feel dairy steers are suitable to raise up for beef. I have done both in the past with good results plus the price of a dairy steer around here is drastically cheaper than a tradition beef breed.

 This photo was taken shortly after he came home.
Our boys is growing! We supplement with a non medicated calf starter briefly to transition between milk and exclusively pasture fed.

Update 11/27/2013

Our boy has grown a wee bit and will be ready for the freezer in the spring.

Ribeye like to keep little man in line....

The boys on 11/27/2013
Little man at 2 days old when he joined the family in the spring of 2013.

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