Saturday, January 11, 2014

Before pictures..... AKA the cute and fuzzy side of rabbit farming........

These are our current cuties. There is just something adorable and sumo wrestleresk about fat baby bunnies. These three are extra special because they are the last litter from Blossom one of our two founding does. The other founding doe and our founding buck were retired a week ago and after this litter is weened Blossom will retire as well.
The does were still producing well but it was time to make some decisions and get the breeding population down to more reasonable numbers (AKA numbers that will fit in the rabbitry so I don't have to have cages all over the yard). Three gorgeous does and a buck were selected and everyone else, other than an older litter still growing out, were processed. We have had other breeding stock come and go so the parentage of the does and buck selected is diverse. Our founders Blossom, Flower and Bucky had been so prolific they remained after others were culled. We even have some Flemish Giant blood in the stock we kept. I will post pics of the breeders we kept when we are not in the middle of a monsoon.

What is breeeding at your house? If you are not yet, what are you dreaming of raising?

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