Friday, January 3, 2014

Rabbit Rabbit Everywhere...........

This is a continuation of rabbit processing day. In the past we have cut up and frozen our rabbit meat the same day it was harvested but this time we are trying something different. This time we let the carcasses chill in the fridge for a couple of days until they were past the rigor stage. This is supposed to make the meat more tender.

I debone the backs and most of the hind legs (I leave a few hind legs whole). The forelegs, rib cages backbones and hind leg bones all go in the stock pot.

This is where my friend the Vacuum Sealer comes in handy. If you have not invested in one yet, I highly recommend it. Say goodbye to freezer burn!

16 rabbits became 17 packages of boneless meat, 6 packages of hind legs, lots of livers and kidneys for pet food, lots of broth and lots of cooked rabbit meat.

Starting the stock

Lots of stock!

Stock is done.... isn't that beautiful! This will be the foundation for many future meals!

Stock cooling before it goes in the freezer.

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