The Pigs

 Our first Piglets. Yes, there are tiny. No the person selling them should not have sold them this young. However, I knew this guy was going to sell them this young and that they would have a really good home with us and we could handle raising them from this young. Day one they took up residence in a cattle trough.
 When they first got here all four could sleep in the feed pan. They are from left to right; Ribby, Bacon, Pork Chop and Hammy.  Two are for our freezer, one will move to my son Anthony's new place as soon as they are settled and build a pen and the last is being raised for some friends of ours.

 Our foursome is growing!
And growing....

Down to three, Ribby has moved to Anthony and Heather's house. They have come a long way from the pocket pigs I brought home.

 Our original three all grown up and ready to transition to the freezer.

Hamlet comes to the farm. Our current plan is to raise one piglet at a time. By only growing out one at a time we can do so solely on excess eggs, garden excess and table scraps. This piglet will never be fed store bought feed/grain :)

Hamlet went to the freezer a little early due to our move to the new property (decided a few extra pounds of meat were not worth moving him twice).  Here he is in the trailer headed to the butcher, he weighed in just shy of 200#. He was raised solely on excess eggs, garden surplus and kitchen scraps. The meat and lard from him is exceptional! Our no store bought feed experiment was a success and we intend to raise all future pork this way :)

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