The Rabbits

 Our very first litter
 Our second litter the first time they were checked and counted
 Flower, one of our first moms.
 We really are ready to come out of this box wether you think so or not!
 Our first litter of Flemish Giant standard meat crosses. This is an experiment to see if we can achieve the larger size from the Flemish but with a better meat conversion than pure breed Flemish Giants provide. FG's put on bone before muscle so it takes a long time for them to "flesh" out. We are using pure flemish does and a large mixed meat breed buck for this experiment.
Early shot of the rabbitry.


  1. We've decided to raise American rabbits. They have a better meat to bone ratio than the Flemish Giants and they dress out a little better than New Zealand's and Californians. Hopefully our first litter is on the way. Love your blog!!

  2. Welcome to the blog! Our experiment with the flemish giants was a success and a failure all at the same time. Overall the FG's were not he best moms but we developed soem nice crosses out of them that have added size to our bloodline while maintaining an excellent conversion ratio.