Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Captain.... there be duck eggs here!

Sorry, bad Star Trek reference.............

So last year we bought an incubator and hatched chicks from our Delawares, gooslings from our Buff geese and some turkey eggs from a fiend. I was HOOKED!

Last year I purchased 11 Pekin ducklings with the intention of keeping a few breeders and harvesting the rest. Fast forward almost a year and the ducks are laying eggs and we are seeing mating behavior. Last week we started saving duck eggs.

 A week later we have 28 to go in the incubator :) The incubator is warmed up, filled with water and ready to go.

Pekin eggs are supposed to take 28 days to hatch. 25 days at temp and being turned then 3 days in lock down.

I am loading the incubator today Tuesday January 21st. Join us on this adventure. We will update the blog with this clutches progress.

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