Saturday, January 11, 2014

As The Garden Grows ......... 1/11/2014

I am a few days late on posting this week thanks to some really cold weather and the beds staying closed for several days. We had a couple of nights in the low teens and twenties with a daytime temps that didn't break freezing if you factored in the wind chill. Normally the bed covers are only held shut on the ends with bricks but due to wind predicted to accompany the low temps we stapled the ends closed. In this buttoned up state there was no peeking until the temps returned to normal and the covers could be opened. This was our first REAL test of how well the hoop covers were going to protect the garden.

Drum roll please........................

TaDa!!!!!! They worked very well!!!!  Only damage noted was on the beet greens and a little on the romaine. Everything else looks great!






GB6 ..... The only thing planted in here so far are some shallots that went in the day before the freeze.... and they are up!!!

As you can see the Romaine suffered a little damage.

The larger baby beets had the most damage. The baby beets that were a little younger planted in the next bed didn't have any damage at all.... go figure!

All and all I am very impressed and thankful for the job the covers did. I have a bunch of stuff to plant in GB6 but was delayed by the cold weather. Also getting ready to start my tomatos and peppers in side. Darned if school didn't start back this week and slow down progress on that. Work and school just take way too much time away from gardening in my opinion.

So, what is happening in your garden journey this week?

 Please post and share, even if you are just drooling over seed catalogs because you are under 4 feet of snow. 

Give us and update!

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