Saturday, June 30, 2012

Better late than never......

After many hours of enjoying and learning from other blogs it is time to start one of our own. In an earlier life I considered blogging to be an act of  the self-absorbed. In time I have come to rely on the farming and homesteading advice from my favorite blogs. It must have been a truely busy day if I didn't check to see what was new with the ladies of Polyface Farms at Sharing recipes, ideas and the struggles of everyday homesteading makes us all stronger and feel less alone.

The goal of our little corner of the blogoshere is to share, entertain, and every once in a while maybe even teach those who are even more newbie homesteaders than we are (though we are still very wet behind the ears ourselves). So grab a cup of tea and come see us once in a while.


  1. Hi Leilani: Congrats on the new blog. We are fellow commenters at Polyface Henhouse. I always think your comments are the front for someone who's had some experience in the farming life. I am very much in the same place you are, both with blogging and with farming. Actually you might be a tad ahead in the farming...good thing it's a journey not a race, huh?
    Why Scurvy Elephant?
    Cheers, Dawn