Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mathias Joins the Family

We have a 100+ pound new addition to the family. Mathias Bear is a year old Golden Retriever / Rottweiler cross. He came to us from the local pound. If his training goes well he will be a working farm dog and possibly livestock guardian.  He is not of the typical guardian breeds but his personality is that of a very mellow watchful guardian. He has only been with us for 24 hours but so far is amazing me with his manners and all he knows.

Instead of relying on commercial dog food we will be making homemade food for Mathias. Although the ingredients change we make a diet high in protein, with added fruits and vegetables and minimal grains. Todays batch had a base of chicken livers, hearts and necks with grated squash, pears and a handful of stale Kashi Heart to Heart cereal added in. For added convenience we cook up a tags batch and freeze it in individual servings for convenience. Making your own dog food allows you to make good use of farm surplus, save money and provide a healthy diet for your hard working canines.

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  1. Oh, Leilani, he's simply beautiful! What a lovely face he's got. I really hope he trains up well for you - with that breeding, there's lots of intelligence (well, OK the retriever will add more loyalty and food focus, but you know what I mean :)). Our elderly dog also came from the SPCA, and she's been a great companion over the years, though she's slowing down a tad now. Your Mathias probably has boundless energy!