Sunday, October 7, 2012

Smelly bones..... A Theory......

Ever since we started eating grass fed meat we have notice how quickly bones/carcasses start to smell REALLY BAD.  I am not referring to fresh bones but cooked ones. It does not matter if it is a rotisserie chicken carcass or bones from a roast.  In no time at all they smell really foul in the garbage. Scenario, boil a chicken for dumplings, bone the chicken and discard the bones in the kitchen trash, by the next morning they stink. Do the same thing with a factory raised chicken and the bones do not smell that foul that quickly.

My hypothesis is that all the crap (preservatives etc) that are pumped into factory chickens when they are processed makes them not rot as quickly as naturally processed chicken bones. It reminds me of the twinky that will live longer than I do. Do I want to consume something that doesn't rot naturally. If it doesn't rot naturally what does it do to my body when my body tries to digest it? Just a random thought.....

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  1. Kitchen trash! ...but! Kitchen trash? There's gold in them there bones! If they're boiled till soft you could feed them to your dog or pigs. If there's not you can feed them to your cat. If you don't have dogs, pigs or cats you can compost them in sawdust. Worst comes to worst you can bury them in your garden. But Holy Cow! Dont' pay someone to haul them away!

    Preservatives maybe. Salt probably. But I think it also has to do with nutrient density. Pastured livestock has more of what you need to digested.