Tuesday, December 31, 2013

As The Garden Grows..........12/31/2013

Happy New Years Eve! Running a day late with the garden update this week, yesterday was rabbit processing day so everything else was put on the back burner. We did little planting this week and used some of the bamboo we harvested last week to start building trellis'. The garden beds are coming along nicely. This weeks weather has been a mixed bag of rain, cool days and warm days. The beds with little babies have been getting closed each night to keep them a little warmer and opened during the sunny days. The beds with freshly planted seeds are kept closed continuously until the seedlings emerge. My hypothesis being it keeps the soil warmer continuously and should give us a better germination rate and stronger start for the new seedlings. As you will see in the photos just about everything is up in GB4 which was planted from seed 12/21/13. I think the Nantes carrots, which take their time, and the gourmet blend lettuce, which was older seed, are the only holdouts.

 We planted GB5 this week on 12/28 and bless their hearts, the turnips are already up! GB5 was planted from seed with; Spinach Mustards, Swiss Chard, Red Onions, Rutabagas, Nantes carrots and Turnips. This week does not include a picture of this bed since there really isn't anything to see yet :)





Some Garlic that got stuck in this week.

A mint and a lemon thyme that hang out in the bed on cool nights.

Two bay trees waiting to find a home in the ground. I cook with a lot of bay leaves so I am hoping this do well.

Before the beds went in the garden was restricted to 25 gallon pots. These Collard Greens have done well.

Bamboo we harvested from up the road for various trellis projects etc. When we cleaned the leaves and side branches off we ran them through the chipper shredder and mulched the herb beds with them (below).

Aloe in bloom and Cuban Oregano.

Rosemary, and scented geraniums.

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