Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just Ask..............

How many times do you do this? You see, pass, think of something that you could really use that either appears to be being thrown out or will probably be discarded but you don't stop and ask. We all do it. Why is it so hard to stop and ask? The worst that can happen is they say no. All you have lost is a few minutes of your time.

I am a mulch junky! At the moment I am in the process of putting mulch down between all of the raised beds in the garden. When the garden is done there are fruit trees to mulch and the list goes on. We chip and shred yard waste but it only goes so far and I HAVE PROJECTS TO COMPLETE!

While driving to town on Monday I passed some tree trimmers hard at work. Guy up in the bucket cutting the other on the ground running everything through a chipper into the back of the truck. I saw gold but kept driving. A half mile later I turned around went back and asked "where are you dumping your mulch"? The guy smiled and said "where ever you want it? I pulled out pen and paper gave him the address and phone number and went home dreaming of mulch. They didn't show that afternoon so I thought I had been given a line and sent on my hairbrained way. Low and behold they called today and brought me this wonderful load of mulch.... FREE! I did show my gratitude in the form of several dozen eggs, it was the least I could do.

Bottom line, stop and ask! If you are like me you see gold where other people see garbage. Heck, I dragged two old crocks with lids home from the dump this week. They were just sitting there on the ground next to a dumpster. SCORE! A little bleach and I had two lovely old crocks.

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