Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another volunteer for relocation

When I climbed on the mower yesterday to try and find the yard again, this lovely fellow crawled out from under it. He is a Grey Rat snake, also referred to as an Oak Snake around these parts. After thanking him for making his presence known before he helped himself to any eggs or baby bunnies, I tucked him in an old plastic tool box that I keep exactly for this purpose. When I finished mowing, the snake and I went for a ride out into the national forest that borders our farm and I introduced him to a new home. As much as possible we try to work with mother nature and relocate critters like this that can cause issues on the farm.

Have you relocated any visitors lately?


  1. I'm not crazy about snakes, so I'm grateful to live in a place where we only have garter snakes. I'd love to relocate the deer that are living in my bottom field...they're beautiful to watch but they eat the wrong plants, lol.

  2. They could always go in the freezer. Venison is a favorite in our house though my husband no longer hunts. In Florida we are allowed to shoot them out of season if they are threatening gardens. I haven't yet but I am tempted.