Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Visits from Murphy...

Do you have those weeks were everything seems to come crashing down, literally! Last week was like that around here. It started a week ago Tuesday when I went to town for a massage, walked out from my appointment and the van would not start. It had been running fine, no problems, no forewarning, just poof! So I called Rick and wonder of wonders he hadn't worked late and was able to come to the rescue pretty quickly. These are the times that marrying a mechanic really pays off, god love him. The diagnosis was that the fuel pump had given up the ghost. Rick preceded to drop the 30 gallon (full) gas tank right there in the gravel parking lot and change out the fuel pump. Now is when I mention that I during this process I managed to kill the battery on lil red while he was fixing the van. Apparently with automatic lights if you get in on the passengers side, turn the key on to roll the windows down then turn the key off the silly lights stay on. You have to open the drivers side door to trigger the mechanism that turns the automatic lights off! Oh, and neither car had jumper cables in it (grumble grumble).  The week proceeded with more vehicle issues, a massive limb falling on the house (we hadn't even cut up the last one that fell but missed the house yet), and our refrigerator died (just bought a new upright freezer a week ago don't you know). Through all the turmoil I was trying to get ready for a really big Pharmacology test and the universe was doing everything it could to mess up study time. As I look back now that the test is over and I passed it, the dust has settled and for the time being Murphy is leaving us alone, I have to acknowledge all the blessings. My husband is a mechanic so we could fix the van, we were able to get the limb off the house and cut up with no real damage to the house, and there was money to replace the refrigerator.

Sometimes it is hard to are the blessings through the turmoil when everything seems to be imploding. Try to take a deep breath and open your eyes to the good when Murphy visits.

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  1. Tough week. I always think it's easier to count blessings after the fact :). I'm glad you're in smoother water now.