Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Apologies, updates and the farm gets a new home....

It has been almost a year since my last blog post. So very much has happened!

First, as you may know I am in nursing school and will graduate with my RN in May. School is the main reason for my woeful lack of posting.

Second, the farm moved this year. It was not planned and happened rather suddenly. Although initially traumatic it was a true blessing in disguise. Scurvy Elephant Farm now calls Suwannee County home. We are on 9 acres with a lovely 2br 1 bath home built in 2008. The property was already cross fenced into 3 pastures and a large yard and has multiple outbuildings. It is almost like it was made just for us! We are surrounded by forest land and have no neighbors within sight distance.

Third, I had back surgery about seven weeks ago. Started having nerve pain that would just not quit and found myself backed into a corner with no choice but surgery. One L3 diskectomy and a lot of clearing bone out of the nerve later I am pretty much back to my old self..

Ok, excuses and reasons are over.... time to get to blogging on a regular basis!

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