Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thrift store finds of the week...... and paper or cloth?

My husband swears I will break something glass at least once a week and lately he has been correct. Yesterdays booboo was a big one! I broke the coffee pot! I was putting away the mixer, I had unplugged it but did not realize that its cord was under the coffee maker. I will be darned if the whole coffee maker didn't do a flip on the counter. Boy howdy what a mess (the pot still had coffee in it plus grounds from the basket). As soon as I cleaned up the basic mess I headed into town to my favorite thrift store (The boys ranch opportunity store in Live Oak). Thought never needing them in the past I had taken notice of a large collection of coffee carafes there before. The had lots but not the one I needed (Murphy's law) but then I spied this beauty for $5. It is a cuisenart and low and behold it works!

One can of course never leave a thrift store without looking for other goodies. Along with the coffee maker I found two like new Gator shirts, four quilted pillow shams, a cool basket and.... drum roll please 24 cloth napkins priced at $1 for 4 on sale for $.50 for four! Here are the 24 I bought.

 This leads to the topic of paper napkins or cloth napkins? The question is really paper of cloth period.  I am trying in earnest to eliminate paper towels from our home. This does not go over well with my dear beloved. He does not get it and has really dug his heals in. I have lots of cloth napkins, lots of rags for cleaning, we truly have the need for paper towels covered.  So how are things done in your house? Paper or cloth?

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