Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good Morning from cold and wet Suwannee County Florida.........

Good Morning from cold & wet Suwannee County Florida. This was the view from my back door at 0700 this morning. I have never seen the boys lined up against the fence like this. Ribeye is on the left, he will transition to the freezer this spring. Little man is in line for next spring. Our plan is to start a new steer every spring raise them on pasture and butcher at roughly two years old. By starting a new calf every spring we have one ready for the freezer every year. I buy dairy breed bulls locally when they are a few days old. We have many dairies in our area so newborn bull calves are always available and very affordable (usually about $50). When I buy them they have had a couple of days of colostrum and transition to milk replacer nicely. It takes one bag of milk replacer to transition them onto grass. After they are on grass they do not get fed any grain (other than what they may steal from the horses).  I band them shortly after they arrive thus turning our bull calves into steers.

A nice article on the benefits of grassfed beef.

I fantasize about a small herd of our own and a cow to milk but right now this fantasy does not mesh well with school and regular town jobs. We are however blessed to have a dairy close by where i can purchase raw milk so I have access without daily milking chores :)

More info on raw milk.

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